Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SpinCAD Designer - a Graphical User Interface for the FV-1!

SpinCAD Designer GUI for FV-1 from SpinSemi

This has been long-awaited!  Now that I have tried it out, I am confident it will breathe a breath of fresh air into this already outdelivering DSP chip.

Everyone knows the only problem with the FV-1 is that it's been hard to program...  until now!  Gary Worshman's new GUI makes it very easy to initiate otherwise complex and tedious programs for the FV-1!\

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Caspar Electronics Performance in Brookline, MA

Caspar Electronics At Cafe Fixe, Brookline, MA June 9th, 2013

Pete Edwards is an electronic music instrument designer.  He has been working on some new synthesizer designs during his research at STEIM.  We are very fortunate to learn that he will be giving a performance right here on the East Coast during his brief time in the U.S.  We are looking forward to hearing his music and picking his brain in person about music instrument design. 

A few years ago, Pete mentioned that he was introducing in focusing on the rhythm in his music.  He mentioned to me on the phone a few weeks ago that he was researching unifying voltage levels in digital, analog and modular synthesizers.  You can read a recent article on him and Phillip Stearns over at Synthtopia

Let's see what he's up to this Tuesday night in Brookline.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Designing Low-Noise Analog Power Supplies

Recently, I was in the position that I needed to design a board with low noise on the analog inputs.  I looked around for information and these were the best sources I could find.

I have shared the six best files I could find.  There is one article from each of the several major electronics manufacturers you're already familiar with.  If you want to know low-noise electronics, begin by diving deep into these PDF files!