Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Volca Sample SDK - A Sample and Sequence Encoding Library for Volca Sample

Did you know that you can upload samples and sequences into the Korg Volca?

Yes, it's possible and now it's much easier with this software from Korg, including the source code. Wow!

This program takes your sequences and samples and turns them into an audio file that you play into the Korg Volca Sample to record the data into its memory!  Wow!

It even comes with a Visual Studio project and a GNU makefile! 

This is seriously cool, thank you Korg!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Music Instruments are Not About Music

This is a long, but brilliant essay.

I especially enjoyed the section on Music Instruments about 1/4 down the page.
The theme argues the idea that civilization/society/humans create for the sake of social status, not for the effect of the creation.

For example: We choose to learn to play guitar to "be cool," or piano to indicate we want to be thought of as high-class rather than because we value the sounds of either of these instruments.

This can be incredibly earth-shattering to realize. I hope it's not 100% true, but there is plenty of evidence to show it is.

This type of thinking may also inform the famous "Mac vs. PC vs. Linux" debates. Do we choose our OS based on it's social significance or its technical, productive and visual benefits?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Music Hack Day in Cambridge, USA

This is music Hack Day, November 8th - 9th 2014, in Cambridge, MA, at Microsoft N.E.R.D.

The day begins with an incredible amount of information dissemination and research on topics related to online music software development and APIs.