Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Magic of for Learning to Play Songs from Youtube Videos

Walk-through: How to Use to Get Chords From Songs

Mostly on, I teach people how to use DSP to make digital music instruments, but I also enjoy sharing new technologies I discover that help people learn to play music and help their careers. is one great example.

Chordify is free (freemium model), has perfect pitch, and it's clever:  It picks out chords and measures from any youtube video.  And if anyone else has already analyzed the track you point at, the results come up instantly for you!


1. Look up the song you want to learn to play on youtube.

2. Copy and paste the URL into

3. Wait for it to analyze the sound and figure out all of the chords for every measure...

4. Grab your instrument, press play, and jam along with the song you analyzed!


Chordify is so smooth, it even works in Linux - you don't need even Flash because it uses 100 percent HTML5!


I have to stop writing now, because I'm off learning and jamming along with these songs:
  1. "Jockey Full of Bourbon" by Tom Waits
  2. "If I Had a Boat" by Lyle Lovett