Sunday, August 24, 2014

.MOD music player ported to BitBox

If you're not familar with .mod  format, you should read up on it, because they're an efficient way to store music.  Instead of recording a full waveform, like mp3/aac, they store a number of short samples and a score file for the music.

Having mod-playing code on a platform is extremely useful because it allows that platform to play songs with very limited resources - which is often the case in embedded environments where DSP is most useful. 

The Bitbox itself is a DIY video game console based on the excellent stm32f4 processor.  So, having the mod player there is valuable because it will let you add music to your video games without having much memory and disk space.  Speaking of disk space, this release of the mod player is extra great because it can play the mod files directly from an SD card!  So, check it out!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Synthesize Sounds of Thunder in Javascript!

This is a really great demo in which first lightning is synthesized and then thunder that you can actually hear and actually sounds like thunder!

p.s.  Here is a link to the source code for synthesizing thunder!

p.p.s.  Andrew Glassner, a research in Washington State, has also written about his model for synthesizing the sounds of thunder while working at Microsoft!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Understand Dither Intuitively with Nigel Redmon's Javascript Applet

Over on Earlevel, Nigel Redmon writes on a number of topics that can help you increase your understanding of DSP at an intuitive level.  Most recently, I've found his "Dither Widget" exciting!  Go ahead and play with it and see if it doesn't increase your understand of the technique of dither in DSP.