Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FV-1 Development Tools

What is the latest news about the FV-1?

The FV-1 is a very convenient audio-processing chip developed by Keith Phipps before he passed away.

When it was first released, it had solid tools, but they were in 100% Assembly.

Since then, a Java development platform was designed.  This simplified things a great deal. It even included a simulator.

Recently, a graphical synth module editor was designed for the FV-1.  It outputs Assembly language automatically.  This is an important step because it allows people to make effect modules without having to program, as well as speed up the process greatly for developers who already do know the Assembly.

The FV-1 has been a favorite effects platform of DIYDSP for a few years now.  Now that ElmGen makes it so much easier to develop one, this is a really good time to finally get yourself one and protect it with a Centurion case.