Sunday, July 27, 2014

Expert: Richard G. Lyons' DSP Sequel

One of the most valuable books I have ever read was Understanding Digital Signal Processing by this author. I highly recommend it to people who want to get started with digital signal processing.

Suddenly, just this evening I noticed Lyons released a sequel!

Just looking at the table of contents,

 I was impressed with the promise of clearly-explained algorithms. 

It appears to deliver algorithms like: 
  1. "Efficient DC Blocking" 
  2. "A Fast Binary Logarithm Algorithm"
  3. "Ultra-Low Phase Noise DSP Oscillator"

Some chapters help alleviate common, time-consuming tasks, others promise higher signal-to-noise ratios than ever before.  And some just help you do more calculations per millisecond than it ever seemed possible.

Considering the epic impact of Lyons' previous book

people on the comp.dsp newsgroup still rave about this author

I'm rating this a strong buy recommendation. BTW, I've placed it, along with his first book and a few others at on the bookshelves.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Richard Moore's DSP Code for a Piano String

Richard made this program to synthesize a piano string available for people to experiment with for free!

He would like some help updating the model so it can simulate a "prepared piano," so if you can help him, get in touch with him.  You can see his email address on this page:

Richard's Piano script is based on Master's thesis work by Charalampos Saitis which you can find at .
Also, if you don't have Matlab, try out GNU Octave.  It's free, very compatiable and quite good!