Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hurdy Gurdies - An Introduction to Constructing Them

Hurdy Gurdies - An Introduction to Constructing Them

Recently a neighbor mentioned his desire to possibly someday construct a hurdy gurdy.  I was very curious to know what goes into it and what solutions/possibilities and plans are available, so I did some research into it.

One of the coolest customized Hurdy Gurdy constructions I've seen.  
Notice how it includes 7 electronic control knobs!

  • This person built the above kit and made a 20-minute slideshow of the entire process - 133 images!!!
  • This is a person who is blogging the entire process of building their hurdy gurdy!
  • This guy has lots of great information if you're deciding whether to build a hurdy gurdy from scratch or from a kit
  • This website also has a kit and you can pay in alternative currency!

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